Early Man Fossils are Contemporaries!

When the fossil evidence is viewed from a creationist's point of view, the major classes of fossils are found to exist at the same time and also some at the same places. Instead of having an orderly progression from lower primates to man, where one species changes into another, we find contemporaries, contradicting the theory of evolution with regard to man.
Consider the following:
  1. Modern humans have existed for 4.5 million years, which is before the australopithecines existed by the evolutionists time scale.
  2. Homo erectus maintains the same appearance over its two million year history (again, the evolutionary time scale)
  3. Modern Homo sapiens, Neanderthal, archaic Homo sapiens and Homo erectus all lived as contemporaries at one time or another. There is no trend for robust forms evolving into more gracile forms. In the case of Neanderthals and archaic Homo sapiens, the more robust forms are the more recent.
  4. Homo habilis and Homo erectus are contemporaries; no evolution here.
  5. Humans appear in the fossil record as already human. By virtue of being human contemporaries, the Australopithecines are disqualified as human ancestors. (Lubenow, 1992, 178-179)
At the bottom of Bed I in the Olduvai gorge is a circular stone structure 14 ft. in diameter made by humans, similar to those in use today by the Okombambi tribe of Southwest Africa. That means true humans were around 2 million years ago by the evolutionist's time scale, before Homo erectus and the Australopithecines (Lubenow, 1992, 172-173).

Evolutionists resist these conclusions. Fossils of KNM-ER 1470, KP 271 (Human elbow), Laetoli (human) footprints are attributed to other species.

Many of the fossils were found in the same locality and at the same stratigraphic level (depth in the Earth), but according to the theory of evolution they should be separated by vast amounts of time. We find modern Homo sapien fossils being found with Neanderthals, archaic Homo sapiens and Homo erectus. This problem, for evolutionists, is independent of the dating schemes (Lubenow, 1992, 180-181).
Lubenow 1992, 169-183
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