Books On Creation Science/Evolution

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(Morris 1985)
MORRIS, Henry M. 1985
Scientific Creationism
San Diego: Creation-Life Publishers
Available from ICR.
Probably THE reference book on creation science. Covers all the major arguments on why evolution can't be true. Paperback.

(Gish 1985)
GISH, Duane T. 1985
Evolution: The Challenge of the Fossil Record
San Diego: Creation-Life Publishers
Available from ICR.
Discusses the lack of fossil evidence to support evolution. A classic. Paperback.

(Johnson 1991)
JOHNSON, Phillip E. 1991
Darwin On Trial
Washington, DC: Regnery Gateway
A law professor analyzes the creation/evolution debate. This fairly short and easy reading book summarizes the arguments against evolution and for creation from a somewhat wider perspective than the MORRIS 1985 book. Hardback.

(Denton 1985)
DENTON, Michael 1985
Evolution: A Theory in Crisis
Bethesda: Adler & Adler
Written by a non-Christian doctor and biologist. This book goes into much technical detail, but was written for the layman. He absolutely destroys the idea that macro-evolution is possible, using only accepted scientific data. The conclusion of the book is that evolution can't be true, but that how we got here is unknown and maybe unknowable. A very valuable book. Some of the highlights from this book are covered in the Phillip Johnson book above. Hardback.

(Behe 1996)
BEHE, Michael 1996
Darwin's Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution
New York: The Free Press
Written by a non-creationist Professor of Biochemistry, this book argues that the evidence of evolution's limits are to be found in the field of biochemistry, where a world of Lilliputian complexity has been discovered. He believes the evidence clearly shows that biochemical machines have been designed.

(Morris 1984)
MORRIS, Henry M. 1984
The Biblical Basis for Modern Science
Grand Rapids: Baker Book House
Available from ICR.
More than just an anti-evolution book, it covers many aspects of science from a Biblical creation point of view. Hardback.

(Morris 1989)
MORRIS, Henry M. 1989
The Long War Against God
Grand Rapids: Baker Book House
Available from ICR.
The sub-title is "The History and Impact of the Creation/Evolution Conflict". Concentrates on the historical/social aspects and ramifications of evolutionary thought. Hardback.

(Morris 1976)
MORRIS, Henry M. 1976
The Genesis Record
Grand Rapids: Baker Book House
Available from ICR.
A scientific-oriented commentary of the book of Genesis. Contains a detailed explanation of the days of creation, and covers early world history as described by the first 11 chapters of Genesis. Hardback.

Noah's Ark: A Feasibility Study
Available from ICR.
A scientific study describing how Noah's Ark might have operated. It gives answers to such questions as: what animals were on the ark?, how could all those animals have been cared for?, how was the animal kingdom repopulated following the flood, with the large variety (number of species) we see today?

Studies in Flood Geology
Available from ICR.
Shows how a single worldwide flood accounts for most of the earth's features, including fossiliferous rock. The book is scholarly but readable, and never invokes extra-Biblical miracles nor ad hoc catastrophes.

(Dawkins 1987)
DAWKINS, Richard 1987
The Blind Watchmaker
New York: Norton
Frequently cited as a good defense of evolution. Claims to show how "constructive evolution" could indeed have created everything we see. Makes use of a computer simulation of evolution in action on "creatures" called "biomorphs". This book is philosophical in nature rather than an examination of scientific data.

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