The Age of the Earth and the Universe


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Table of Contents

The Age of the Earth and the Universe


Keeping Perspective


Why is this Question Important?

Starting Points

How is Dating Performed?

Young or Old?: The Options

Universe/Earth Actually Old

Universe/Earth Actually Young, but Appear Old

Universe/Earth Actually Young, Appear Young

Universe Old, Earth Young

Young Earth Creationism

Geologic Evidences of a Young Earth

Other Evidences of a Young Earth

Evidences of a Young Universe

Old Earth Creationism

Theological Difficulties

Evidences for an Old Earth

Evidences for an Old Universe

Weighing the Evidence


Author: Jason D. Browning


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This presentation reviews and discusses the evidences for whether the Earth and the universe are young or old, and focuses on the options and issues for harmonizing science and the Bible in this area.

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